AzMart Seeks MegaMall Managers

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  1. Do you feel you have what it takes to run a megamall? Would you like to get some serious results and learn highly valuable business skills (which you can apply to real world applications)? Want to learn about economics, staff hiring, marketing, and pricing strategies, all while making a considerable fortune? Running a megamall is one of the most valuable experiences you can have on Empire Minecraft.

    Before you say yes, yes, yes, consider the true responsibility involved.

    Manager Responsibilities
    * Building the mall, including gathering a significant amount of material. The current basic design requires:
    --> ~2,000 Stone Bricks (32 stacks)
    --> ~700 Chests (11 stacks)
    --> ~700 Signs (44 stacks of 16)
    --> 16 Ladders
    --> 1 stack Wool each colour.
    --> 2 water buckets, ~10 lava buckets.
    This will build the most basic mall, one level, 312 products. I will show you how to build the floor without using any material.

    * Gathering an initial stock of most products. I can go over various strategies to do this, however it usually takes a lot longer than the building itself.

    * Finding and attracting suppliers, setting expectations, motivating them to hit their targets, keeping them engaged as part of your team.

    * Attracting new customers, maintaining customer satisfaction, increasing market share. I consider this the easiest part. EmpireMinecraft has a hungry market.

    * Maintaining stock on all items. This comes down to effective supply chain management, and effective pricing, both of which I can help with.

    * Expanding the mall to include trading rooms on popular products, supplier rooms, and attractions.

    Benefits To Managers
    * We will be a team, and I will be available to coach you through all the challenges, from the very beginning to the very end. I have successfully sold tens of millions of rupees worth of merchandise in my time on Empire Minecraft, through four separate malls that I've run (3 simultaneously at one point). I'm returning now to help others do the same.

    * I have already-existing proven shop designs and concepts you can use. I'm aiming to create a uniform experience across all the servers, which means customers can find what they are looking for instantly regardless of their current server. You will get many customers from malls on other servers!

    * You receive exclusive access to use the AzMart brand on your SMP server. I will only be choosing one applicant per SMP server. Your shop will be promoted on a global website advertised on all malls throughout the empire. You will get customers who are familiar with how to use the shop already from another server.

    * I have software, and you will be able to use it as well, to track sales levels, inventory, suppliers, and more. You will receive a website which you can customize for your customers and suppliers! Tell at a glance which items are in stock, selling quickly, or not selling at all.

    * Shared suppliers between malls. Suppliers may be able to supply higher volume than is required for a single mall, and excess could be given to other servers.

    Applicant Requirements
    * You need to have been a player on EMC for at least 3 months.

    * You will need a residence to devote almost exclusively to the mall.

    * You will need at least 2 hours/every day, and likely more than 30/week to devote to this project.

    * You need to be ready to work hard and a lot of preparation is required to get started.

    * You earn 75% of all profit! To allow effective tracking of sales/inventory without requiring your password, all sales go through my account. You will receive nearly instant results that you can view online. Payments will be made monthly.

    MegaMall Manager Application
    Please send in all applications via PM. I will be choosing applicants over the next couple weeks.

    Please post any questions about the position below, so I can answer them publicly for everyone.
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  2. Great thread!
  3. Trying to control the economy I see :rolleyes:
    Just kidding
    This is a great idea. I will probably end up using this if my business partner agrees.
  4. Good luck with this.
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  5. Sounds like you are looking for builders.
  6. It's more of a partnership-type deal where we work together to build, stock, and manage a large mall. In my experience, building is the easiest part.
  7. I'm quite curious how you're going to divide the profit, since EMC-rupeehistory doesn't provide information of WHERE the product has been bought/sold.

    Besides that, you've made this very interesting to read. And I can confirm most of the requirements, also maintaining a mall takes up most of the time.

    Experience from the past doesn't necessarily provide you a succesful future. A lot of things have changed. You're dealing with some serious competition, and so far I can't tell what you are focusing on; price, service or new product.
    I know that you're going to set up a mall at every smp, but what will make it so different from the others?
  8. The location is taken from the DynMap, by using the API to track who's on what server at what time.