Awkward Potion Problems

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by MrBucks, May 4, 2012.

  1. Hi guys

    So me and a friend have found ourselves unable to create the awkward potion, because the brewing stand doesn't seem to accept the nether wart. Is anyone else having this problem? If not does anyone know how to resolve it? Thanks, MrBucks.
  2. its mabye a glitch or something i dont know
  3. Did you buy the nether wart from the empire shop? The empire shop sells the block item of nether wart. Just place the nether wart on soul sand and hit it to get the correct nether wart.
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  4. You have to be in the nether for it to grow as well.
  5. You don't need it to grow, you just need to place it into soulsand and break it again, and it will be the correct id for use with brewing stand. :)
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  6. Ohh. I tried that once and it didn't work. I had to let it grow.
  7. I don't even make potions I'm too much of a rager:D