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  1. (did you know awesomeness is actually a word?!)

    so the other day, yesterday actually lol, i was in search for a minecraft seed, autumn gave me a perfect idea to use my birthday, so i did... and i seriously have never seen such a great seed, 600 blocks from spawn is an amazing mineshaft in a canyon that i cannot wait to explore.. about 1,000 blocks from spawn is a HUGE village, of course i ventured farther, and about 2,000 blocks is another village about the same size. i found a lovely spot about 50-100 blocks from spawn with a flat area in a hilly place, with a waterfall spilling out of a cave, i was cutting down some trees (punching down some tree's if i might add) and i noticed behind the waterfall there was cobble, that i didn't put there... come to find out, a dungeon is RIGHT there... there is one of those sand stone sculptures in the middle of the desert i ran into which, i still have NO IDEA what they are for..

    i just had to share all of these awesomeness with everyone. :D

    (the one below is from a few weeks ago from a different game, i didn't take a photo of the one on my birthday one so i just used this one to show what sculpture i was talking about)
  2. What texture pack??
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  4. Wow thats cool whats the seed
  5. my birthday :)


    once you spawn you are in a jungle, turn right and go straight, you'll find them sooner or later, would you like the cords for anything?
  6. Dang, this is pretty sweet. Time for me to do something similar :D
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  7. Man that's cool. Happy Birthday :p
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  8. Happy Birthday! Cool seed though!
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  9. my birthday isn't until January 7th people. lol i just used the date.
  10. Woops... :p happy birthday for over 8 months than :D
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  11. I was about to post happy birthday and then I saw
    I was like "Wait a minute.... That's not today!"
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  12. What I was going to say... :p
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  13. Well, it also could have been read as July 1, 1991, August 1, 1719, (you're not THAT old, I hope) or January 9, 1719.
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  14. and just in case anyone else is interested in the cords

    the mineshaft canyon is X: -822 Y: 71 Z: 266
    the area with the waterfall and dungeon is X: -489 Y: 64 Z: 266
    and the one villiage i found that is 1,000 blocks from spawn is X: -1416 Y: 67 Z: 802

    there is another villiage about 2,000 blocks out from the waterfall in the North East direction.
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  15. That looks awesome! I hink I'm going to try my birth date once xD
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  16. Me too, wonder what would happen... *mischeviuos face*. :p
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