Awesome piston game

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  1. Hello emc! On single player I made a cool piston game which is very similar to rock'em sock'em robots. It is a simple left punch or right punch game, If you punch enough, then your opponent's head pops up. Which means you win. It will be 20r to play a round, the winner will get 30r.To make this I need people to donate rupees to me.( do /r pay penquin007 [amount] ) or donate red stone red stone repeaters, sticky pistons, red wool, and/or yellow wool, and stone
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  2. Sounds good.

    Is it the same one as featured on the minecraft spotlights?
    With the dirtdispensers?

    Its a fun game - good luck with it :)
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  3. I'm not sure, I made this with no instructions but yes it does dispence dirt which sometimes lands on a pressure plate witch makes the head pop up.
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  4. It is going to be on smp.1 res# 1967
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