Awesome new Mushroom hotel

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  1. I had an idea to make a huge hotel wich in this case begins with my giant giant msuhroom wich is a
    huge combination of a giant brown msuhroom and a giant red msuhroom.

    So now i need donations for the other rooms that i am still not sure of how they will look but they will be very different from eachother.
    Since i dont quite know wat i want to do yet the main donation i need is rupees
    Those who donate will get a nice reward(still not sure either)

    Donators list:
    2012-03-27_11.17.55.png 2012-03-27_11.18.03.png 2012-03-27_11.17.55.png 2012-03-27_11.18.03.png 2012-03-27_11.18.40.png 2012-03-27_11.18.48.png

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  2. y no1 ansewr?
  3. You are indeed a godd man