Awesome minecraft video.

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Did you like them?If so wich one?

Minecraft form this way 1 vote(s) 11.1%
A Minecraft Parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love 8 vote(s) 88.9%
  1. Has anyone even watch these yet
  2. watching 2nd video now ;)
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  3. Watched them the other day, pretty good vids.
  4. That creeper in the tnt video was banned from the Creeper club.... I knew him well.. he got banned because he exploded on JustinGuy
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  5. LOL that"s funny:D
  6. Well if you guys know of any other videos like these please post a reply about them.Cause these things make me laugh and i think there amazing.:D
  7. It's pretty catchy and well done:).
  8. The diggy diggy hole song frOm yogscast
  9. The one with the nice animation, the remix?
  10. Yeah I've seen that one it's not one of my favorits though.:)
  11. My 4yr old grandson loves the 2nd one. He found it by himself and now knows all the words to it.
    BTW.. I gave him his own Minecraft account and we play on my home server. He's getting almost good enough to let loose in public. Sure wish he could read already!!! :p
  12. I remember when i introduced minecraft to my grand children they first they thought it was stupid :(.Until they played it.They played it so much i had to put a password on my mac
  13. I've become addicted to these songs help me.:p:eek:
  14. In Search Of Diamonds; Diamonds (Magic Parody); I can swing my sword song; TNT
  15. Ive seen most of these when they came out. The DJs got us fallin in love one is awesome. Listened to it so many times.
  16. thanks
  17. I wonder what would happen if a creeper killed Justin

    Creeper : Thatsssss a nice sssssserver you got there
    Justin : :p
    Justin : Kills Jeb, snags laptops and makes Creepers pets and have them be fed rotten flesh
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