Avatar The Last Airbender Tribute

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am a HUGE fan of Avatar The Last Airbender I have watched all the episodes 10 times as well as Legend of Korra. I know that a lot of people out there also love this show <3 I have to say Avatar is one of the greatest shows out there in my opinion it is just beautiful! I really dont know how to show my love for this show its just so much :p I know your probably like wow its just a show but if you watch it you will understand. ( Also dont watch the movie, it sucks ). I have found many orchestras on youtube playing songs from Avatar the last airbender and they were really good but one really pulled my attention. I literally started tearing up when they started playing the song to Zuko and Azula's final Agni Kai. I also laughed my head off when they started playing Secret Tunnel. I really appreciated this and I hope all you fans will to!


    Also This Song From Avatar Also Makes Me Tear Up Callled Leaves On The Vines ;-; <3


    This Thread Is Simply Just To Show My Love For Avatar and Show Appreciation Towards It :D
    If You Love Avatar The Last Airbender and/or Legend of Korra comment below why you love it so much and who your favorite character is!

    I love Avatar because there is so much in it adventure, small romance, comedy, and more reasons! My favorite character has to be Toph and Zuko <3 and from Korra my favorite character isMako
  2. The secret tunnel song was a family favorite around my house for awhile...
  3. I have the song stuck in my head and I just sang it to my mother XD
  4. love this show so much
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  5. To be honest I actually enjoyed the movie.
  6. To me it was like eh, not bad but not good either. I think they could of put more effort into it like the moment where 6 earth benders together only could bend a single small rock XD I wouldnt recommend this movie to people and its really cheesy but I did kinda enjoy watching it anyway :p