Autobot Symbol

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  1. someone asked for this on another thread. i've looked into a design that i think could work. unfortunately, it requires a lot of wool. If people would like to donate any of the colors listed below, it would be greatly appreciated. if you do donate, please leave a comment here, and i will credit you when the project is finished on my residence. any donations can be dropped off at SMP5 11415. that way i can complete it quicker. i'll keep updated here what i need for wool. so far i need the following:

    103 black
    97 red

  2. Are you the one that did the Decepticons on smp5
  3. I can fill both of those needs. Contact me on smp 4
  4. alright Nice i saw today when i was helping at there res and thought " Awesomeness" lol
  5. construction completed in 2-3 game days. not including the farming of the wool :confused:. uploading a short video to youtube. will post here
  6. nice nice, tell me when your done with it, and Nerone94 is forum is too small for two Ed's lol jk
  7. its been up for a few hours. at 11269 on SMP5