Auto Sugar Cane Farm (Giant)

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  1. Anyone Have A Giant large scale like 60x60 sugar cane farm i can use?
    the auto type with pistons and stuff so just have to press a lever to get all the cane
    if someone can let me use theirs
    I Will Pay Them 1000r
  2. i can make one but i need to use your villager :(
  3. your villager?
  4. It's hard to have a 60x60 sugarcane farm, as sugarcane can only grow next to water. the maximum amount you can have really is 32 lines of 32 long rows.
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  5. well i mean the whole project
    and the more layers the better
  6. Your villagers :p (if you have)
  7. so if i give u some villager eggs u will make a large auto sugar cane farm on your res
  8. so anyone have one
  9. I could make one for you but it would cost more than 1000r. More like 3000r.

    Edit: The reason for the cost is that I can make it as efficient and large as possible.
  10. i m mainly looking for someone who already has one at their res that i could use
  11. but if u can makone on your res i will pay 3k
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  12. Not my res though but I am making on for my friend.
  13. so
    sounds like a deal
    so is it going to be large scale like whole res where u get a chest of sugarcane a harvest?
  14. Something like that. I will be underground so it will be a little more compact. It won't be ready for at least a month though...