Auto Login & Resize [Launcher MOD]

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  1. Auto Login & Resize
    By: nairol

    This Launcher MOD allows you to modify your screen size, auto login and allocate memory from the Options menu of the Minecraft Launcher.

    1. Open the file Contents/Resources/Java/minecraftlauncher.jar (must be the .jar version not the .exe version of the launcher.)
    2. Copy the contents of the /net/minecraft/ into your Contents/Resources/Java/minecraftlauncher/net/minecraft/ folder.
    3. Open Contents/Resources/Java/minecraftlauncher/META-INF/ and delete only MOJANG_C.SF AND MOJAG_C.DSA. DO NOT DELETE MANIFEST.MF.
    4. Repackage your /minecraftlauncher/ folder into minecraftlauncher.jar and replace the original.
  2. MagicLauncher have these options too :)
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  3. MagicLauncher rules. It's like a 'Install mods for dummies" program, haha.
  4. I don't understand Mac talk, Can you translate it to Windows?
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  5. They have a Windows .exe video, but I am not in the business of theft so you will need to check the original Minecraft Forum thread for that info. (Click the author name)
    However, this is the preliminary steps needed to modify the .exe version as well, so here is your head start. :)