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  1. Justin, would it be possible to default all supporters to join the supporters chat channel?

    Its pretty empty in there, would be nice to have people to talk to while in the wild!
  2. This is an idea, I could add this, I think a lot of supporters don't even remember it (if they even know it is a perk lol).
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  3. Is there a supporter channel xD?
  4. Yeah /ch s
  5. biggest benefit of supporters channel is its a global chat, you can chat with fellow supporters while in the wild! really nice while mining by your self to be able to talk to people.
  6. People do know about it but they don't really use it a lot. Sometimes we have a good long conversation in there :D
  7. hmm, maybe make it a possibility to auto-join the channel instead of forcing it. Sometimes i just need my quiet time ^^
  8. Yeah it wouldn't be a forced join. It would just auto-join into when you first become a supporter,. After that it would remember if you leave it and not join you again :)
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  9. give the person an option if they wanna have auto join for supporter channel that way they can automatically join it if they set it that way
  10. sometimes the supporter channel server as a filter for ppl that just pay for the perks and dont really use them, and ppl that actually use them

    Sometimes there's chats on /s about other supporters missbehaving in Townchat and what not, that they are not even aware it happens... would like to keep the filter as it is
  11. yeah thats why I worded it that way "default on"

    If your supporter, it joins you, then you can leave if you want.

    And it should be "on by default, leave if you want" not "opt in to auto join" (which is what we have now essentially)
    People don't know it exists, default them in there and itll always be known.
  12. i rather have ppl that want to be in there.. have to join it.. than having ALL of them in there that dont want to be in by default....

    as i say, i like the filter how it is, have just who want to join /join it and teh rest... leave em out, since they havent complalined on not being in there
  13. I didn't even know about /ch s for a while, but I've only ever been on it once ^^. It's a good idea, but I normally just talk to people on local or in a /tell message :)
  14. Well, thats what it currently is, and thats the problem.

    Majority of people WILL want to be there, and only a small minority will not want to be.

    The only reason most people arnt in there right now is because they dont know it exists, not because they dont want to be....

    and its us who are in there that are complaining, it makes the channel useless if noones in it.
  15. I didn't know about it -- thanks :D
  16. Its pretty dead in most of the servers when it comes to supporter chat, i think this would be a great idea. :)
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  17. I knew about it, and I think for the most part People in /ch s behave, I enjoy the long conversations in there, though rare as they are, I live in the wild fultime and I LOVE haveing /ch s
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  18. I'm a pretty smart guy I'd say... and I didn't see it. Sure it says its a perk, but doesn't go into detail about HOW to get in there.

    If I read "Supporters only chat" I would personally expect to auto be joined there.

    You are in the minority here. It's MUCH easier to have 1 in 30 people LEAVE the channel than it is to have 29 of 30 people have to manually join.
  19. I'm a pretty smart (umm, not) guy. :) And here were my problems:
    a) I kinda expected to be auto joined too.
    b) I kinda thought if I joined the supporters channel I'd have left the other channel(s) and wouldn't see chat from non-supporters anymore and I didn't like that so I didn't go looking for how to join until I saw this thread. And,
    c) When I did tried to join I went to the commands page in the empire guide and it said "/chat join supporter". Well that didn't work. I tried it about 20 times figuring I was spelling something wrong, almost gave up and then typed /chat list and noticed it was supporters with an 's'. It's a small typing error in the guide, but a big deal when you're trying to get in the channel.