Auto crop farms?

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  1. Hey, just wanted to clarify do auto crop farms need to have a village near them to work? thanks everyone
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  2. With Auto crop farms the villagers collect the crops and then drop them because their inventory is full so you would have mine cart hoppers underneath collecting the dropped items.

    Edit: Your best bet is to find a YouTube video on how to make one
  3. No, automatic crop farms using villagers do not require a village nearby.
  4. No I use the ones for carrots and potatoes where they try to throw it to another villager but it gets caught in a hopper, also I already have the designs built
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  5. ah ok, so is it not working?
  6. It works it's just a bit slow at times, the villagers are lazy
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  7. I have seen that some villagers tend to harvest & replant much faster than others. Perhaps try switching out the "farmers" or just adding more of them. As long as their inventory is full of something else when you introduce them to the farm.
  8. Villagers are lazy in EMC. They've gotten worse since 1.9 also. Part of it is the activation range, they will only go full speed if you are within 5 blocks, they'll work fairly normal at 12 blocks and they'll work SUPER slow from 12-64 blocks.

    Small farms (10x10) are the max I'd recommend for 1 farmer villager in EMC. You can use more though, most people that use the larger designs use about 5 villagers per level.

    Be sure you're farms are father than 16 blocks away to the sides, otherwise a villager will just stare at dirt blocks in the other farm. The ranges also seemed to work different in the frontier, villagers are generally even lazier there.

    Some people do replace their villagers once per day, I find that lazy villagers usually get moving again though over time.
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