[AUTION] Dc of Villager eggs

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  1. Item: Dc of Villager eggs
    Starting bid:5,000r
    Minimum bid increment:750r
    Auction ends: 48 hours after last bid


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  2. 10k
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  3. Sorry i have been on a 2 day leave after a created this auction jkjkjk182 you have won the dc of villager egg.
    pickup it available at 8611 as soon as possible thank you for bidding please pay before pickup congrats.
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  4. the pickup is at smp4 at 8611
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  5. My player is deep in the wild on smp4. Could you drop them off at 11058, smp5? I will pay you 100r to cover any inconveniences. I just payed you 40100r. :)
  6. ok that is fine
  7. it may be a few minutes i am haveing a hard time logging into servers right now
  8. There is no rush, take a few days to deliver if it is necessary. :) Just post in here or on my profile when it is delivered. :)
  9. ok they have been dropped off just curious why did you buy some many villagers
    to sell?
  10. I collect things. :D
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