[AUTION] DC of the Finest Glass!

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  1. Item : 1 Double chest of the finest glass harvested from the furthest desert in the sixth quadrant of the forbidden zone.

    Starting Bid : 500 rupees!

    Minimum Bid : 100 rupees

    Auction Ends : 24 hours after last VALID bid

    Happy bidding!
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  2. Third DC of glass in a row.

    You homies better watch out, I've got Hello Kitty fruit snacks.
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  3. 1k don't even try to take me on neon I'll smite you with a small statue bust of Johnny Cash
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  4. 3456r
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  5. oops 5.2k
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  6. ssparten117 you win with a bid of 7k! As soon as i receive payment your glass will be ready at res 303 smp1!
Thread Status:
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