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Do you like the idea of an Authority Board?

Yes 7 vote(s) 41.2%
No 10 vote(s) 58.8%
Undecided 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I love EMC. I love the way it's community-based and mostly everybody is pleasant to play with and talk to. I propose (yet another) idea... an Authority Board. Here's how it could work:

    For each server (smp1, smp2, etc.) would have at least one but no more than 2 delegates (who would be voted and appointed into office) that would speak for that servers residences (where their first claimed home would be, NOT most frequently visited home) regarding any changes, ideas, or implementations that could help make EMC better. EMC is not perfect, but it's the best out there. We still should have goals in mind, especially when new MC updates come into play. This would give the administration and moderation staff feedback easily on what issues should be looked into, policies that would need changed, or ideas that could be implemented.

    The Administration and moderation staff would oversee the Board Meetings (or threads) and would then count the votes when motions are made that are quite possible to implement (this would exclude anything that is programmably impossible or would cause server instability and/or any type of negative impact on the community and staff), leaving the vote the deciding factor on what will be changed, amended, or taken into consideration.

    I think it's a wonderful idea, I think everyone in EMC has awesome ideas that could be useful to making EMC even better than it already is, and I think it would take a tiny bit off stress off of the staff members for trying to figure out solutions to common problems. Let the people speak.

    There can also (if wanted) be a payment system for being the delegate and handling suggestions to take to board meetings. 1000 rupees per week bonus to the delegates because of the amount of work they would do (that would benefit EMC).

    Board meetings would be held biweekly (to tend to disciplinary suggestions/modifications). The administrators would then have authority to limit each server to one delegate (example would be utopia) because of the limited number of people on utopia at any given time.

    The division of servers will NOT be used for purposes of 'rivalry' but to break down responsibility into smaller groups making it easier to manage all of the suggestions and to choose the larger points to be voted upon.

    That would be the proposal in a nutshell... again, it's only a suggestion and I'm eager to see what others think about it (including staff and administration -- for they always have final say on anything that happens on EMC).

    Disclaimer - This in no way, shape or form will ever be a substitute of the authority of staff or administration. The administration will always have final say after any motion would be passed -- all authority would still be that of the Administration. The purpose is to give the citizens of EMC a voice that can be heard more easily and in a more organized way.


    *The vote will not dictate the implementation of this proposal, but the thoughts of the players of EMC.

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  2. This sounds cool, no pay for them though and maybe they get a special color if they are delegates so you know who to talk to if you want to voice an oppinion
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  3. Great idea. Maybe each person could have a 'suggestion' section of their profile to where we could submit our concerns or ideas... thanks for replying =)
  4. So somewhat like the senate, I see? It's a good idea. Although I think that anyone with a residence on a given server should be able to run for the Authority Board, but can only run for one server's board.
  5. In order to be a delegate candidate, you would have to run for whichever server your original home was on. The reasoning behind that is so that everything stays uniform, there would be confusions and a lot of amendments to take into consideration if you ran for a server position on your secondary or tertiary home.
  6. Not original, but res #1
  7. Wherever your residence is that you type /home to get to.
  8. All folks would do is vote for their friends. But if anyone likes this idea, then I understand.