Australia Day Shop

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  1. For those who don't know Australia Day is the 26th.
    this shop will only be open till the 28th of January.
    We are Currently selling 2 differnt green and gold fireworks, both with differnt effects and renamed to "Austraila day firework". there are test dispensers outside of the shop.
    selling Damper (renamed bread) 5r for 3.
    Selling Vegemite (renamed obsidian)
    Also selling barbies (renamed furnace)
    If you got an idea for a new item post below :)
    Res number 3819, smp2

    Yes, this shop will be back next year.
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  2. Furnace re-named Barbie xD (suggested by someone else, I didn't think of it. Just passing it on)
  3. I'll be buying some of this stuff :D
  4. Any BBQ Chicken for sale?
    OH and lots of delicious smoked salmon. :p
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  5. We eat Kangaroo burgers :p
  6. Renamed obsidian "Vegemite" XD
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  7. Alright we now have vegemite and barbies, room for one more item, snags or gum nuts?
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  8. Snag :p
  9. a chicken renamed kookabaru xD
  10. Love it!!! <3
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  11. very fun shop :D
  12. Early morning bump
  13. Austraila day bump
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  14. Nice shop, I bought both Australia Day Fireworks and a Barbie :D