Aussiezaid's Pvp Day.

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  1. Hi guys. It's Aussiezaid. On the 15th of December (today) I will be holding a pvp event I like to call : Aussiezaid's pvp day. In that event, you will make a team of 5 and then, try to kill other teams until your team is the last team remaining! If your team mate dies, he/she can't return in the arena and has to count on his team mates to win the event for them.It starts at 3:00 Aus time. I hope to see you there guys. Thanks.:).
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  2. Wish i could make it but I got work. Good luck to all that participate FYI ....Go Melbourne
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  3. Team Melbourne, eh?

    more like USA! USA! USA!
  4. This is going to soon become a world cup of PvP
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  5. I can't believe no one showed up for my event!:(
  6. maybe Aus time was bit hard for people to figure out? the event itself seemed like really fun, hopefully you can set up this again and give more detail like when (both Aus time and EMC time what day so people be aware of and easily to know exact when people are from all over the world) where (your res? or somewhere else? res number in what SMP to make the info clear) and maybe people are interested in if there is a prize for winners.
    I think you can bump the thread for reminder before your event starts to let people know it's actually happening in thread also in a game? (I wasn't in game around the time so sorry if you did announced all servers)

    just a thought since this event could be really fun and I'm sorry to hear that people missed the event!