AuqaRidge Town

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  1. Im so sorry guys, i will be fixing the grief that happened, but, for now, i dont know if chris thinks we should do the town again. But i do have another product im working on and its icons! So if you need the link go to my profile! Also check out my forum post for my up coming shop!!

    AquaRidge town is a small town, its still being worked on, but, it holds many ideas. So far there are two people in AquaRidge:

    ChrisFlareon * Owner *
    Frostbrewed * Owner *

    AquaRidge lays by a nice ocean, with a being worked on fishing dock, and some ( hopefully ) gardens. If you would like to join AquaRidge please PM me. Thanks!

    • Tavern; Built by: ChrisFlareon- Owner; ACCESS: Granted; Professional Build. To see tavern info click here: * to be added *
    • Small Farm; PRIVATE; Owned by: ChrisFlareon, Frostbrewed; To see more info about the farm click here: This farm is private, therefore, can not have a page.
    • Owners' Home; Owned by: ChrisFlareon, Frostbrewed; PRIVATE; Build by: Chrisflareon, Frostbrewed; To see more info click here: This is under "HOMES" and is not granted access from the owners yet, therefore, cannot have a page
    • Main Street; OFFICAL; Includes 3 builds, 1 direction faculty; Built By: Frostbrewed: To see more info click here: * To be added *
  2. I assume this is a outpost, and you want to establish it?
  3. Yes, it is, and yes i do.
  4. You should've put [CLAIM] in the title, it would make it more clear.
    But I guess town is good enough :p
  5. Also, it includes a tavern, made by yours truly ;D
    It's finished if anyone would like to see. c: