[AUCTOIN] Another Power I Bow

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  1. Starting bid: 50
    Minimum Bid Increments: 50
    Will not trade for items.
    Winner will pickup at lot when payed.
    Bidding ends 2 hours after last bid
    Happy bidding
  2. Nice Spelling!
  3. sorry, not good with minimim, minimum whatever
  4. Power 1's shouldn't be an auction.
  5. Yeah these are a dime a dozen
  6. hey would I be allowed to auction in a bunble of 10 of these?
  7. Yea, since i got my Skele Grinder going i have like 1million of these
  8. I burn 10 of these every hour grinding because they are so worthless lol
  9. Firstly, this is the wrong forums for auction, the correct place would be in the EMC Auctions sub forums. By posting here, you are allowing people to edit/delete their post, and being able to "drop out" at any time.

    Secondly, you are holding way too many auctions, here, here and on this thread. According to the rules,
    Please follow the rules, not doing so may cause auctions to be disallowed once again.
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  10. A million likes
  11. But the thing is not everybody has a skeleton spawned to get these and they have to enchant them.. I just have a few chests next to my spawned and I chuck the bones and bows and stuff in them....running outta space :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.