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  1. I am currently auctioning a dc of speed potions and next in line is a dc of smooth stone, but what's next? You decide!
  2. Diamond blocks.
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  3. DC of Ore Busters. /joke
    But really, you should do something like a DC of redstone dust or DC of coal.
  4. Try to aim for something that hasn't been done in a long time.
  5. Like a DC of Enchanted Books? Cause I just got done doing that took me 4 hours to get them all and I sold it for 11k seemed worth it to me.
  6. Havent seen the DC of bottle o' enchanting in a while...
  7. Next in line is a dc of coal after stone then if I can get the recources I will try to get a dc of bottles o enchanting! Thanks for the ideas!
  8. Keep on posting!
  9. double chest of villenger eggs :D
  10. How about possibly actually like what i said about the bottles! :p
  11. If you pm nickjwolfe, he might be able to give you a bunch of villager eggs, I gave him nearly a double chest of eggs before I left, if he still has them. :p
  12. They have been used :p
  13. Oh right.....How did you you use that many!!!!!
  14. Vaccine testing.
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  15. Iron farms, villeger trading, i like to kill passive mobs
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