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  1. Okay.Since this recent.. rule change in the auctions you can't post things that aren't double chest (Same item) Enchantments (ONLY enchantments) Or Dragon Egg.

    Is there any way to sell a chest with various items in it.WITHOUT a set price as in letting people offer a price to buy it...
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  2. Lol I thought this was a thread about auction bidding, a byway, I have like 40k bidding for stuff ATM lol
  3. Yh.. I think they shouldn't have had changed the rule of auctions. (Maybe just the part of Bonus grinders )
  4. The new rules just beg for bending, but I saw it coming when it started raining mod approved auctions.

    Earlier I saw someone auctioning a single chest of slime balls. The items have quickly gotten less valuable too. I should start a betting pool on when the first Double Chest O'Dirt will go up.
  5. Hey I'm not apart of this. If you go to that auction tread, aikar said it was befor ethe rule change.
  6. Too late! Lol xD
  7. I made my auction earlier (I didn't read the new rules) I had double chest of stuff and added an Enchanted Steel pick so I didn't need the Mod approve thing.. But since the rules changed it got closed :c

    I liked it off better like before. Now, There's no way to sell my stuff if it isn't with lots of other things.
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  8. It actually doesnt say specifically in the rules that it must ONLY be enchanted items, I do not see anything wrong with auctioning other stuff off with the enchantments. :mad:
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  9. My double chest: Villagers enchanting Madness double chest (Or something) I had included an ENCHANTED steel pickaxe;yet it got closed.

    So I suposse the enchantments MUST BE ALONE. so yeah..
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  10. If it's Mod approved, I don't see it in the original post. I haven't gone back to it so I wouldn't know if Aikar's updated it. It was bound to happen anyway approved or not.
  11. I don't like the idea, but I respect what they want to do with the auctions.
  12. EMC makes good decisions or EMC. How are you all seeing this as bad? Just go sell your worthless junk at a shop, or sell the enchants on your residence.
  13. 1. Nobody wants to buy Everything. They might just want certain items but not ALL. The auction chests with many items good and bad. The items that people don't want to buy would make the auction go higher for the people who want to buy the items they want.

    A chest with 50k worth of idk milk buckets.. with.. 100 stacks of diamond blocks. The majority would just bid for the diamond blocks and the milk would make the bid higher since it's there in that chest.

    If you go alone you might sell it for the normal price and you might not sell the other items at all..

    2. Idk auctions makes stuff buy for more :p

    It's not BAD it was just better to allow the auctions of chests with multiple stuff.( imo )

    I think I tried to explain my thoughts in a way you could understand them,I'm bad trying to make people understand :p

  14. This is my auction that got so rudely shut down. There is bulk, there is enchantments,

    It actually doesnt say anything in the rules saying specifically that it must be a double chest full of ONE item, it just states a full chest of diamond as an example...