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  1. Item: Krysyy's Signature
    Starting Bid: 450k
    Minim Bid Increment: 5k
    End Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Pickup information: Mailed after winner has paid.
  2. Invalid auction. You need 54 identical books to auction them. A staff signed book does not make it special.

    Please re-read the auction rules here.

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  3. One thing:
    Kryssy (most likely) has personally autographed this for you.
    This is a disrespect of both your honor and her signature if you auction this off.
    That is basically like saying you signed a t-shirt "To Cham" and then I go and sell it on the street somewhere.
    Also, if you just ask Kryssy, she will send you a signature.
    Good luck with the auction.
    (F.Y.I. I believe the starting bid is waayy too high.)
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  4. i bought it
  5. Auctions invalid for the reasons mentioned above.
    If you had read the rules, you might know this by now.
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