Auctions and "bumping"

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  1. The rules about "bumping" - ie posting in your own auction thread so that it goes into the "most recent threads" - are very unclear.

    I avoid doing it, but I feel like I'm losing out; recently, because I didn't "bump", I sold a full set of Prot-IV armour for 3000r. And I've sold e.g. "Fortune III Unbreaking III Eff IV" for 3000 because there was only 1 bid, and I didn't bump.

    But at the same time, I see others selling the same items, and adding lots of "bump" messages - and they get a lot more money.

    So - is it OK, should I be doing the same? Or is it not OK?
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  2. This isnt allowed as it says in the Empire Guide. :D
  3. I would say bump if you have little to no bids, this allows for people in different time zones to see your auction. However I would say don't bump just because you want more money for your item selling when there have already been numerous bids. This really winds up the people that have bid.
  4. If you were going to "Bump" I wouldnt say "Bump" I would say "The current winner is <NAME> With a bid of <AMOUNT OF BID>
  5. Here's what I think : If your auction thread is in the first page of the auction forums, there's no need for any "bumps", even if nobody bids on the item(s) or if you're not satisfied with the current bid. "Bumping" an auction thread only makes it harder to keep track of the highest bid, especially if people go off-topic there.
  6. In a real life auction the auctioneer will try and pull bidders in. I would say to do the same in your auctions would be fine. In the op's auction maybe a post like "This pick has fortune III which can get you x more diamonds on average over a standard pick, who doesn't want more diamonds. Bob currently holds the highest bid of 3,000r with 4 hours until his bid wins."

    The frequency of these 'bump' posts should be kept to a minimum, maybe every 3 hours.
  7. Yeah I bump every 12 hours or so, no one has a problem with it.
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  8. Hm, ok; mixed messages :)

    I *thought* it was not allowed - or not considered 'good practice'. But, I know it does make a massive difference to the number of people who see it.


    I see some auctions with posts of "Only 4 hours to go!" + "Only 3 hours to go!" - and sure, sometimes people complain. But mostly, they get a lot more money than they would have otherwise.

    No, that's not true - because a lot of us look at "Recently active threads" on the main "forums" page, and things drop off that much faster.

    I'd really like some real answer to this; maybe we need some actual guideline - like "no more than 1 bump per x hours" - 6? 12?
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  9. Every 6-12 Hours is good for a bump or additional information but not those who bump like every hour!
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  10. when i was selling a few of mine, once it died out i stated what items where still available, which got the attention of more people who were interested.

    if i was holding an auction, i'd also after 12 hours or maybe 6 i'd state who was in the lead. it may be obvious statement to people who already know, but it still brings the thread to light. i don't think it is wrong. but, a good thing.
  11. Maybe. But, can we have some guideline? 'coz some will say every few hours is OK, others will shout about it - and I don't want to annoy people. If there was a guideline approved rate, that'd solve the problem
  12. A very good example of an acceptable bump is "Manglex is winning my auction with 1r! He is amazing! There is only 12 hours left to bid against this amazing person! & To win this Wood Pick Silk Touch IX" but simply saying "bump" ten times is not acceptable.
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  13. Herbrin you will always annoy someone. I've seen people complain that they lost out because they never knew something was at a low highest bid because the thread wasn't bumped.
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  14. That was something I thought! xD
  15. I'd say it depends on how auction is going. If there are no bids after few hours, then i see no problem bumping.
    Or if you're not happy with highest bid and it pasted fewa hours since last bid, then that's ok too i'd say.
    It's like on public chat on server. There is no rule that say exactly how often you can repeat advertise message (at least i don't know about it), but you can easily differ legit advertising from spammer ones.
  16. Auction King says bumping 6 hours after no post is good. Auction King says he likes cake. Auction King talks in (insert correct number here) person.

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  17. Ahah I think you should cut the cake stuff off a little ;)
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  18. 3rd Person. Or.. Is it Cake Person? I don't know man, I don't know.
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  19. How dare thee go against Auction King! Auction King mad! HULK SMASH!

    (Aution King needs to clam down and eat some cake. <3)
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  20. Yes, I know you can't please all the people all the time.

    However, if I could reply "Hey, I'm following the guideline" (and link to it), that would help.