Auctioning a (Natural) Mob Spawner! Gets lots of drops!

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  1. Starting Bid: 1000r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100r
    Auction Closes On ~EDIT~ 4/29/12 at 12:00AM Pacific Time ~EDIT~
    Diamond bids will be accepted--Diamonds having a value of 40r!

    This Spawner is not a normal one such as a zombie spawner or spider spawner... It is a big building that drops naturally spawned mobs and gives the drops to you!
    The spawner is on smp7 in the wilderness...Not far, but well hidden....Coords will be pmed in game or via Forums to the winner and the winner only!
  2. A caution to all buyers:
    Natural spawners are subject to the Spawn-Stall-of-Death. I highly suggest reading THIS THREAD before bidding or continuing with any further action. Just a caution.
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  3. ^^^
    That is correct you SHOULD READ THAT THREAD before auctioning...
  4. Moving to EMC Auctions subforum. Please post future auctions there please.
  5. 2500
  6. 2700
  7. *Facedesk*
  8. ?
  9. I have a feeling your going to win this. grr. 3100
  10. Silly me, I thought it was still in marketplace ;)
  11. nope probaly you cause you just out bid how much money i was willing to bid on this.
  12. oh. yay for me! im not going to bid much more either.
  13. Alright...I'm not gonna be on for too much last hour of bidding!
  14. lol? Brennian gets the 3.2k...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.