Auctioning A diamond sword Fire Aspect I

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  1. Auctioning a Diamond Sword Fire Aspect 1.
    • Highest bidder will win after 6 hours
    • There is a reserved price, if not met, the sword will not be sold
    Bid starting at 800 rupees!
  2. Well someone has to start things off. 800
  3. Well. I would love to buy it. But im not any kind of supporter. WIll take 3 weeks to earn the money back.
  4. it will take 8 days bro
  5. lol that will take me 1 day 2 get
  6. Better be happy I didn't see this, or I would've pwned you so bad
  7. ecto u did c it now pwn him
  8. Got it.
  9. I bid 1,100R!
  10. its over ecto
    i won.
  11. Actually, I'm deciding to give it to one of my friends because this sword isn't worth the money.
  12. oh i c how it is.
  13. Does it really cost 1 kr?It is just lvl 1 enchantment!
  14. No its not. Is it?