Auctioning 2 DC's of Nether Rack!

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  1. As the title says i will be auctioning 2 DC's of nether rack. (You can smelt it into nether brick and sell!)
    Minimum bid- 100r
    Minimum Increasement of 50r
    Pick up on smp3 6868 to the left
    Happy Bidding :)
    Also it ends after 24 hours!
  2. 100r :)
    Edit: When does this auction end...?
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  3. Oh shnap your right! lol Ill edit it in
  4. You realize you posted this under products and services, where people can edit the posts and delete them >_>
  5. You shouldn't be able to edit. You know there's a whole forum dedicated to auctions? This is not it. I recommend talking to a mod about getting this moved.
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  6. Ok thanks, ill talk to a mod :)
  7. Around 6 Hours till end of Auction!
  8. If valid I bid 150r..
  9. Yes it is :)
  10. 1 hour and 30 minutes left of the auction!
  11. Did I win? :D
  12. Yes when i recieve the payments i will put an access chest! Congrats and thanks :D