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  1. auction item: double chest of ender pearls fun for teleporting
    starting price: 200r
    auction ends: after i dicide it ends!
    post your bid: below
  2. I take it you did not read the rules for auctions..
  3. Please read the auction guidelines before posting anything else...and this thread is in the wrong category...
    It should be placed in the sub-category titled: auctions.
    Please move it there to not cause commotion and block real marketplace threads.
    Thank you
  4. sorry i hadent realised there was sub catagorys
  5. ill close down this thread
  6. Thank you,
    No harsh thoughts towards you, just keeping forums a little organized helps when they are already cluttered...
  7. I'm almost positive only staff can lock a thread. And I'm not sure your rules are very condusive to buyers...
  8. Just for future reference I would make a time frame for an auction. (Example: Auction will end in 24hrs or 6hrs after the last bidder.) Just ending it when you feel like it probably won't go over well with anyone and people can get quite upset on the internets.
  9. Yeah, that's what I was referencing.
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  10. This item isn't actually allowed to be auctioned, only enchanted items and dragon eggs currently.
  11. shaun you are allowed to AUCTON bulk :)
  12. Yes, but only with the approval of a Senior Staff member. My guess is is that no one on the staff was notified about this.
  13. I would suggest a reread of rule one, it was altered the other day. :)

    1. What can be auctioned? (Rule Edited 04/30/12)
    Auctions are to be reserved for items that are considered rare and hard to get. This pretty much excludes everything you would find in the /store. Think of things like Dragon Eggs & enchanted items for when posting your auction.
  14. Ahh. Sorry about that. Thanks for the clarification.
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  15. Well, I would like to buy those ender pearls so could you please tell me where I can buy them from you!
    This is allowed isn't it right and I'm not going to get banned for bidding?
  16. na
    name your price
  17. You're not allowed to start auctioning this stuff on the forums. In game, however, (unless I'm wrong yet again) it's fine.
  18. You could start a new thread, without an auction, asking if anyone wants to buy them and what they will pay for them. you don't have to have them bid, you can just negotiate a price.
  19. How about 300 rupees to start?