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  1. Re-Posting (hope I am not breaking any rules) cause I screwed up the title of the thread
    Single Blaze Spawner
    7/10 findability
    Bidding starts at 1k
    Minimum bidding increments of 100r
    I will personally show you the spawner if you win
  2. Robot chicken leads at 1.1k
  3. Ye
    Yesh I do :p
  4. This is just a Spawner or is it now a grinder?
  5. It's just a spawner I no longer use there is a small safe room I built into the wall that you can hit them from once they fly down from the spawner
  6. oHhhh. Lol btw how did U get your mag tags to show?
  7. Mag tags????
  8. yes i have that same question.
  9. I think he is taking about your achievements
  10. the achievement get!
    how do you make those show up?
  11. OHHH that yes
    You have to go to signature and click on the little picture and copy and paste the URL into the box
    Let's stay on topic though lol
  12. i know you go to the generator.
    But when i get done making the achievement i have no clue what to do nexr. :/
  13. does it work now?
  14. No
    And would you like to bid?
    Please do lol
  15. hmmm. it doesnt show.........
  16. I'm broke i have about 500r and im sorry but i really need to know how to make that achievement thing.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.