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  1. ummm ok?
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  2. they deleted what i said ... :3 auctions arent allowed on the forums i didnt know
  3. ahhh ok thought u were just putting the rule there. wat are u selling?
  4. Auctions are disallowed because of immaturity and the overflow of reports of, people not getting the item they bought, sellers not getting their money,etc.
    Maybe in the future EMC will be able to host auctions again.
  5. still just wondering wat he was selling i might be interested
  6. Well, auctions are banned, but you can still set a price for the pickaxe and sell it at a shop in your residence :)
    Just put the price you agree with any buyer ;)
  7. I hated auctions lol. Always flooding the 'recent threads' section >.<
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  8. So did i :p
    And actually a friend did also, we are planning on making an external website (just as for people to auction in there :)