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  1. I am auctioning two double chests of Ender Pearls. The starting bid is 1500 Rupees. My res is /v 10435 on smp5.Empire.us.
  2. Starting bid 20K..... Might as well close the auction now....

    Hint: I sell DCs for 750r
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  3. Ender Pearls are worth about 10 each. There are 16 in a stack, and 54 slots in a Double Chest. 54x16=864. Then x that by 1o to get the final price for 1 DC. 8640 rupees. And that's meant to be 2k, I made it a lot cheaper. Didn't realise I put 20k.
  4. The hole point of auction is to start out low and let it build up but whatever. Might want to change the starting bid then
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  5. TheMinner is correct, auctions are for buying in bulk, not for buying for the exact price.

    Also, it is recommended that you read the auction rules and guidelines before posting an auction.

    I would start the bid low, then it will gradually grow higher and higher - Start it at about 800r, make the minimum bid increments about 100r :)
  6. Can I buy one (hint :p)