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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Daffy22, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. I have a single zombie spawner converted into a water elevator and drop xp farm. Its prety efficient and is not too far from the SMP spawn. It is also right next to an unexplored cave system which might possibly produce some diamonds. :)

    Starting Bid: 5000r
    Min Bid Increment: 500r
    Ends: 6 hours after the last bid.
  2. Silent bids are simply so that they are protected from griefers who will spy on them using the live map.
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  3. Hate to break it to these guys, but if you're spending a bunch of time on a minecraft server, I'm sure you can at least scrounge $5 to protect yourself for a month. Plus, don't challenge Jeremy, or any staff.
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  4. ^that, silent bids arent allowed. challenging the rules like that is what got auctioning disallowed the first time
  5. Wow ok guys, chill! :p
    Some people cant afford suporter or simply just dont want to face paying that much. I just wanted to give non-supporters some kind of protection but if its against the auction rules then I will have to change it I guess, sorry. :(
  6. i sold a skeleton + zombie one for 5.5k,
  7. have any more
  8. what server is it on?
  9. i mine 24/7, it takes me about 1 week to find a spawner

  10. Its on smp6 and also happens to be very well hidden. It comes complete with viewing room and killing bay! :)
  11. I also suggest not using "Close to spawn" and "SMP#" in the same topic.
  12. Oh no its not that close to the spawn, no one will find it.
  13. I was gonna bid but you have given way to much information away here!
  14. I am telling you it is far from the spawn not to be found, it takes a whole MC day to get there. In my terms thats not far but I guess now I think about it yes it is quite far. The reason I revealed the server is because I was asked. I really wouldnt shy away from bidding because I can assure you all that this grinder will not be found by anyone.
  15. Well yes you may think that it is far and one will find it but how can you even be sure? Still it's pretty risky.
  16. I tell you what since none wants it I would be willing to start it of at 3500r if you will allow this.
  17. It is very very far, trust me. :p
    So are you going to make a bid?
    Its not like I have even said if its south, east, west or near an outpost so anyone looking will have a very hard time considering its about 1000m away from any kind of outpost.
  18. Fine. -_-
    3500r is the current bid
  19. Why thank you for accepting :)
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