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  1. Item: 64 of the finest Golden Apples
    Starting bid: 5,000r
    Minimum bid increment: 1,000r
    Auction ending time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    An access chest will be set up on smp4, 9397
  2. time to destroy my wallet 5k
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  3. 7k >_>
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  4. 45k
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  5. 52k final bid >_>
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  6. Sorry to bump but can someone outbid me. I won't be available to pay if I win because I have to study for PSAT Saturday night. (Just got a notice a half hour ago, I did not intentionally drive up the price)
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  7. You could always arrange to pay on Sunday or whenever you can. But I gotchu.

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  8. No Worries, Just let me know whats going on. I rather see you Study for your PSAT! Much more important than worrying about when you can pay.:D
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  9. *if someone wants to bid I wont bid again lol
  10. What is with this auction? People keep making bids than deciding they don't want the apples anymore? I will take them then.


    Note: If someone bids, I will outbid them, so don't be thinking I don't want these like some people in the thread above me XD
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  11. Nah I'd take them but I wouldn't pay more for them.
  12. Alright then. 56k
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  13. No penguin anyone but you 57,000
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  14. Hmm... 58k
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  15. Bump, Penguinub in the lead
  16. Hmm... 59k
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