[Auction] XP Grinder - (3 Cave Spider, 1 zombie)

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  1. Description:
    4-spawner mob grinder where 3 Cave spider are 1 XP farm and about 50blocks away is there an Zombie XP farm.

    Also,Right next to the killing zone is there an Slime chunk which can be made into a slime farm :)

    Location: Non-Utopian (Just a regular SMP)

    Types of spawners: 3 cave spider spawners and 1 Zombie

    Difficulty to find: (On a scale of 1-10, 10 being impossible) an 6. As long as you keep it a secret, there's little chance of someone stumbling upon it.

    Fully built, has a central point where you stand for cave spider spawners to be active but the Zombie spawner is a couple of blocks away :)
    Has a few chests, furnaces, and crafting tables around, as well as as nether portal, and would make an excellent base to mine from as well. Plenty of ores in the immediate vicinity that have not been mined yet.
    Also,There is a small wood farm built in :)

    Starting Bid: 8,000
    Minimum Bid Increment: 250rr
    Auction End: 48 hours after the last bid.

    After auction, I will PM coords to the buyer. I hold no responsibility after the sale of the grinder for the security of the grinder, and I alone know the coords of the grinder, Any non-supporter runs the risk of not being able to hide oneself from the live map.

    I will also send a video to the buyer with insturction on how to use it AND help him get started :)
    Also a list of items that I would bring if I would be going there my first time :)

    Please ask if you have any questions :)

    Pictures and proof :)
    2012-04-29_15.11.09.png 2012-04-29_15.22.38.png 2012-04-29_15.22.43.png 2012-04-29_15.22.48.png
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.