[ AUCTION ] X-Mass Avalancher / 2014

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  1. Item: Avalauncer
    Starting Bid: 150k ( 150.000 rupees )
    Minium Bid Increasement: 1k ( 1000 rupees )
    Ends: 48 Hours after last valid bid

    Pickup : Will be Mailed!

    Common Gues I need Atleast 200K
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  2. 305. Don't waste your time. This is mine.
  3. Bump, Zion_Moyer tip, bid 350K :D
  4. I would usually bid that but my mega mall is using up most of my money.......... but i really want this so : My bid is 310k!
  5. Well darn..... 320K
  6. 325. Seriously, this is mine.
  7. 330K ... man
  8. Bump, keep going I dont care If i get more money :)
  9. Morning bump
  10. I believe I won! This is why you don't mess with a business panda... lol
  11. K I'm all paid if you could mail it to me quickly that would be great. Thx :)
  12. Tiger I'm dissepointed in you :-/
    And ill mail it When I'm on.
  13. Ok thanks I have received it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.