[Auction] Wierd Leaves [locked]

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  1. Hi, I recently picked up these from the floor. They are not renamed in an anvil as the font will be italic. If you want to see them, arrange to meet me some time :) I'm hoping to auction them just for a bit of fun due to the weirdness. I'm not sure if its a valid auction but if it is, instructions to follow...

    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimal Bid Raise: 1r
    Ends: 24 hours after last vids


    (Should Be Jungle)

    (should Be Birch)

    (Should Be Pine)

    Have Fun :)
  2. EDIT: Only those 3 leaves are for sale here! Not the rest of INV
  3. Not valid. Must be a DC of leaves.
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  4. even though they are special?
  5. They aren't special, just bugged. No no, this isn't legal. Unless an admin made them, which did not happen.
  6. Oh :( can I still sell them in game?
  7. Correct spelling: Weird.
    I before E except after C does not apply here.
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  8. You can sell/auction them in-game, but not in the auction forums.
  9. oh, ok, sorry, shall I report it to bug team too :p?
  10. No...
  11. To lengthen on my half asleepness - we already know, and they should not be possible to create anymore. Any current ones are the way they are though, and won't be changed to normal ones. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.