{AUCTION} Volt Inc. Collectors Kit

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  1. Items:
    • Volt Bow- Unbreaking II, Flame II, Power II
    • Volt Sword- Sharpness IV, Looting III
    • Volt Pickaxe- Unbreaking III, Fortune II, Efficiecncy IV
    • Volt Helmet- Resperation III, Projectile Protection IV
    • Volt Chestplate- Protection III, Thorns II
    • Volt Leggings- Protection III
    • Volt Boots Feather Falling IV
    Starting Bid: 1k
    Bid Increments: 250r
    Pick- Up: 9347 on Smp4
    End Time: 24 hours after last bid

  2. 1k, why not?
  3. Player Heads may be auctioned off in double chests with at least one Player Head in each slot. You may add more to the stacks if you wish as long as each slot is filled with one Player Head. Do not mix Mob Heads with Player Heads. Please list the player names of each head in the auction in an organized list and do not use false names to trick people as this will result in auction blacklists. For example, you may not dress an alt like JustinGuy and auction off the head as a JustinGuy head. It must list the actual dropped player's name.

  4. its a collectors kit...
  5. I am relatively sure that doesnt change the matter, you could still auction off the enchanted items though...
  6. 2k if this auction is valid
  7. Whoops, 2250r I mean.
  8. im gonna get some admin help on this 1
  9. Orako, can we split this auction? All I want is the bow and pickaxe?
  10. Yer sure!
  11. Awesome Sauce!
  12. wait so whats the bid?
  13. 4k is the bid xD
  14. The heads are not valid. However you can continue auctioning off the rest of the enchanted items if you wish, I can edit the thread to reflect that.
  15. yes plz
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.