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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by OrakoG, Oct 13, 2013.

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  1. I am auctioning a vault voucher card, which allows ou to add another vault page!

    The starting bid for it will be 8000, but the minimum increase amout is 500r, but feel free to bd more :)

    The collection point will be from me on smp3, my res there!

    The bid will finish 24hrs after the last bid!

    Happy bidding! :)

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  2. I love a vault voucher :D 8k
  3. You can only have one auction running at a time. If this is valid, 8.5k
  4. If this is valid, 9k
  5. Code:
    using System;
    public Form1
    public void main(EventArgs[])
    **9500r if this is valid
  6. ***10,000r if this is valid
  7. 10.5k if it's valid
  8. He did post it before the other one had ended so I guess it is invalid, but just in case, 11k..
  9. Nope, his other one is still running for another 13 minutes lol

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  10. aww, go on then, you keep it but only cuz I love you. ;)
  11. Supporters may have more than 1 auction at a time
  12. You may only do it in that forum :)
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  13. The auction that i was previusly doing finished just after i posted this, its over now, sorry

  14. Sorry auction closed, im doing another one, the same as this
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