[AUCTION] Vault/Stable vouchers and enchanted gear

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  1. ITEMS:

    Vault Voucher x7
    Stable Voucher x1

    Iron Sword: Sharpness III

    1. Unb III, Power III, Punch I
    2. Unb III Power III
    3. Unb III Power III
    4. Unb III Power IV
    5. Unb III Power I

    Gold Swords:
    1. Sharpness IV, Fire Aspect II
    2. Fire Aspect I
    3. Smite IV, Knockback II
    4. Sharpness IV, Unb III
    5. Sharpness IV, Knockback II

    Diamond Swords:
    1. Sharpness III, Knockback II, Unb III
    2. Sharpness III
    3. Smite V, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Unb III

    Golden Leggings: Protection III, Unb III

    Diamond Leggings: Protection IV Unb III

    Iron Leggings: Fire Protection IV, Unb III

    Iron Helm: Protection III

    1. Knockback II, Efficiency IV
    2. Efficiency V
    3. Feather Falling III
    4. Lure II
    5. Efficiency III
    6. Sharpness III, Fire Aspect II
    7. Sharpness III, Efficiency III
    8. Lure II
    9. Aqua Affinity, Knockback II
    10. Efficiency IV, Power IV, Fortune III
    11. Mending
    12. Mending
    13. Sharpness III, Mending
    14. Blast Prot III, Power III
    15. Fire Prot III, Unb III
    16. Sharpness III, Mending
    17. Protection III
    18. Flame
    19. Protection III, Power III
    20. Aqua Affinity
    21. Unb II
    22. Fire Prot III

    1. Unb III, Luck of the sea III, Lure III
    2. Unb III, Luck of the sea III, Lure III
    3. Luck of the sea II
    4. Unb III, Lure II, Mending
    5. Unb III, Luck of the sea II, Lure II

    Diamond Shovel: Efficiency IV, Unb III, Fortune III

    Iron Axes:
    1. Efficiency IV, Unb III, Fortune III
    2. Unb III, Fortune III

    Diamond Picks:
    1. Efficiency IV, Unb III, Fortune III
    2. Fortune II
    3. Efficiency IV, Unb III

    AUCTION END TIME: 24 hours after last valid bid
    PICKUP: 14479 on smp7
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  10. Midnight Bump!
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  12. Bump, 3 hours left!
  13. No_Thing wins with a bid of 56k. Please pay and pick up within 7 days.
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