[AUCTION]Unused Saltar Egg(Promo Horse, 2k13)

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  1. Item: Saltar egg https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/saltar/
    Quantity: 1
    State: Unused

    Start Price 320k
    Minimum Increase: 1k
    End time: 3 days after last valid bid!
    Egg will be mailed
    If no bids from opening thread after 2 days, please close!
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  2. 320k
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  3. 400k
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  4. 420k
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  5. 440,000r
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  6. 450k
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  7. 460k
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  8. 475k
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  9. 500k
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  10. I wanted to note, that if someone wins the auction during the weekend, he will need to wait till Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon, hope you understand
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    Staff edit: Please remember to bump from 3 hours after any past post
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    <12 hours remaining if i did my math right