[ Auction ] Uncle Ricks Chicken Pack!!! Great Deal!![closed]

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    Auction Details:
    Contains: 54 stacks of eggs and a half a stack of chicken spawn eggs and 8 Uncle Rick's Fried Chicken!
    Starting Bid: 250r (do not increase by 1r but 10r!)
    Ends: 24 Hours After Last Bid
    Pickup: Chest on my res at smp5: 10747

    Happy Bidding!!!

    (technically this is a double chest auction, just has extra stuff)
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    Dang it, Deleted my image so here :D
  3. Bump! People Eggs are so useful! You can throw them at kids! :)
  4. Invalid auction.
  5. This is an Invalid Auction, have to have DC's of everything
  6. ^^^
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.