[AUCTION] Ultimate Enchanted Pick-Pack!!!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by moyaboya, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. By Golly Old Chum!!! One simply CANNOT surpass a deal like this!
    A FULL Single chests of Enchanted picks!
    Check out these picks!
    All are enchanted with enchants of one FULL level! (Not to toot my own horn but, one of them was a level SIX ;) )
    These Enchants contain such hit singles (Get it? Singles? Because they're only one level!) such as-
    Efficiency I
    More Efficiency I
    And the Occasional but Elusive, Efficiency I Unbreaking I!!!!
    Starting Bid- 100r
    Minimum Bid Increase- 25r
    Auction Ends 24 hours after last bid.
    Well then! Bid away!!!!
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  2. No bids yet? Well I'll start out a 100r!
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  3. Well by golly sir I want these picks for myself! I raise you by a WHOPPING 25 rupees!
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  4. ... I'm so alone
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  5. Oh my word! This thread is having quite the turn out! Charip my boy, you're doing a swell job of not letting any laddy cast any more rupees into this stellar investment than you are able too!
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  6. OH! Sholly my HooHousers you've been so motivated you quite outbid yourself!!!
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  7. Well laddys, youve made this auction into quite the bustling shmollymoggin! But alas, I must rest now, I'll see you on the morrow!
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  8. I cant beleive this chest is going for 850 r.

    950 r
  9. By golly, I love this auction
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  10. Just as a heads up (suprised that is hasn't been pointed out) but usually you have to tell all of then enchants on all of the picks. But just to fuel the fire
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  11. Fellow chums, listen here I say! I must tell the names of all such magics of my spectacular picks!
    5x Unbreaking I Efficiency I
    1x Unbreaking 1
    And the rest are Efficiency I
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