[AUCTION] Two God Pickaxes

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  1. Item: Two God Pickaxes
    Starting Bid: 5,000 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: Raise bids by at least 500 Rupees
    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 48 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it.

    Pickaxe #1: The Ore Gatherer
    Silk Touch I
    Efficiency V
    Unbreaking III

    Pickaxe #2: The Ore Crusher
    Fortune III
    Efficiency V
    Unbreaking III 2013-09-27_22.07.24.png 2013-09-27_22.07.26.png

    *Please note that I will not be able to get on Mondays-Fridays so if the auction ends on one of those days, then QUICKALERT or Equablehook624 will announce the ending of the auction, thank you -trent948*
  2. This is too expensive... please lower the starting bid...
  3. For both of them in my opinion is a good price I guess
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  4. If you are upset with the starting bid you do not have to post on here you could, A. Pm the auction host or B. Just not worry about it. Asking to lower the starting bid is quite rude and is quite annoying.
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  5. 5.5k
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  6. Any1 wanna split it i only want the silk touch? 6k
  7. I would rather you not split, you can resell the other, but what I would do it take the silk in the wild and then use the fortune on any ores you get
  8. Well, i would only use the silk because i have 3 fortune 3 picks.
  9. also, there is no rule saying we can't slit the auction. People do it all the time
  10. oh
  11. could a mod delete all ireavant post?
  12. Bump
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  13. Where will collection be?
  14. Pickup: SMP2 at 3890 (My second res)
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