AUCTION: Triple Enchanted Pick and Helmet+ Quad Enchanted Sword!

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  1. Both Diamond:
    We have a Fortune II EFF IVUnbreaking III Pickaxe.
    Protection III Respiration III Aqua afinity I
    Finally: We Have a Smite IV, Knock back II, Fireaspect II and Looting III.

    Starting Bid: 2k
    Minimum Bid Increments:500r,
    Auction Ends 24hrs after last bid.

    A bump will be initiated 6 hrs after no response.
  2. Due to the site being down at periods of time Auction has been Extended...
    Also The Fortune Pick is FortIII EFF IV Unbreaking III
  3. Auction Ends in 24hrs After highest bid. Time is now reset due to site being down.
  4. Bump! Dragon Leads with 5k
  5. Man I am super dumb! The pick is a silk Touch I EFFIII Unbreaking III. Really sorry....
  6. Gr And i was happy :/
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  7. Dragon Leads with 6k
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  8. nfell leads with 7k :D
  9. Final Bump! For time zones
  10. Nfell wins with 7k! Please PM :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.