[AUCTION] Tons of EMC limited items and a DC of enchanted books and my great secret!

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  1. Starting bid: 200k (please do not complain, this is a fair starting price, this is my identity we talkin' bout)
    Minimum bid increment: 1k
    End time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    2 EMC fireworks (4th of july version)
    2 Indy day fireworks
    2 ore busters
    second chance book :p
    10 ICC b-day vouchers!!!! (that's right! you'll be able to claim ICC's secret thingy whenever it comes out XD)
    infinity 1: 1
    flame 2: 2
    power 4: 1
    power 3: 1
    unbreaking 1: 1
    Eff 4: 1
    Eff 3: 2
    looting 2: 1
    Fire aspect 2: 1
    knockback 2: 1
    BOA 4: 2
    Smite 4: 4
    Sharp 3: 7
    Blast prot 4: 2
    Feather fall 4: 4
    Fire prot 4: 1
    Fire prot 3: 6
    Prot 4: 4
    Prot 3: 11
    Prot 2: 1
    That's that. I think i miscounted, but who cares you get the idea :p there is 54
    And now for the finally! My identity and my head will be given to the winner, if they swear to keep it secret in front of meh friends :]
  2. i don't think second chance books are legal to auction.
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  3. I've seen it done :p but i'll ask staff to confirm when I can
  4. Your head is not allowed to be auctioned unless you have 53 other ones. Also, what do you mean by "identity"?
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  5. He's obviously an alt, so his identity is whatever his main account is.
  6. i have seen it done too and have seen them been closed. Also, your head is not allowed to be auctioned unless there are 54 of them and there are no extras allowed. also, i recommend recounting the number of books if you miscounted because if you counted wrong the buyer could be mislead when bidding.
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  7. Mkay, Count my head out until I get 54… I probably get 54 later today though :)
  8. and guys he said his head would be given to the winner so that means it isnt really part of the auction
  9. I would do a private auction for this than. Like a blind bid. Just have it in Pm's ;p
  10. Extras aren't allowed.. ALL items must be valid. You also can't auction off anything that is invalid, for example your secret wouldn't be allowed either..
  11. oh ok thanks good to know
  12. Since no bids, i will have to ask a mod to close this...
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