[Auction] THREE DC's of Swiftness 1 8:00 Potions

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  1. What you will get: 3 Double Chests of Swiftness I 8:00 potions
    Starting Bid: 1,000r
    Bid increase: 100r
    Time auction ends: Exactly 24 hours after last bid
    Where items are: At 8429, on smp4. I'll put an access sign above the chests for you if you win. :)
    Happy Bidding!

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  2. Sloan32 in the lead with 1K!! That's really cheap!
  3. Lukas in the lead with only 1.5K!
    Just one double chest of these are worth 3K, keep bidding!!
  4. Still cheap! Keep those bids coming! ;)
  5. Lach in the lead with only 1.8K!!
  6. 2 words:
  7. no don't i like the price right now
  8. 3K is normally the price for just one DC of these potions. I'd say this is a pretty cheap price ;)
  9. well you have to accept whatever the final price is
  10. I guess you're right :p
  11. can you just say that i win
  12. remember to check back at 2:33 to see if i win (or that i won) ;)
  13. Only a few hours left of bidding!
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Not open for further replies.