[Auction] Thirty high-level enchanted diamond picks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Herbrin3, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Items:
    • 3 x "Unbreaking III + Efficiency III"
    • 7 x "Efficiency IV"
    • 6 x "Unbreaking III"
    • 2 x "Efficiency V"
    • 2 x "Unbreaking III + Efficiency IV"
    • 1 x "Unbreaking III + Efficiency V"
    • 4 x "Fortune III + Efficiency IV"
    • 3 x "Unbreaking III + Fortune III + Efficiency IV"
    • 2 x "Efficiency IV + Silk Touch"
    All diamond, all new.

    Free bonus: 5 x "Power I" enchanted bows

    Starting Bid: 1 Rupee

    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 500 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it

    You are bidding on 30 enchanted picks.

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  2. 300k of picks for 31k. Weird thing is... I kinda hope you win it at that.
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  3. Only 2 bids, only a few hours left. *30 enchanted picks* - including silk+unbreaking, fortune+unbreaking - going for 31k.
  4. If he wins for 31k, he could make money selling to Leo! A lot of money!
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  5. And i wouldn't say their 300k worth of picks.

    The way I see it

    • 3 x "Unbreaking III + Efficiency III" -1000r each - 3000r
    • 7 x "Efficiency IV" - 500r each - 3500r
    • 6 x "Unbreaking III" - 450 each - 2700r
    • 2 x "Efficiency V" - 750r each - 1500r
    • 2 x "Unbreaking III + Efficiency IV" 1250 each - 2500r
    • 1 x "Unbreaking III + Efficiency V" 1500 each - 1500r
    • 4 x "Fortune III + Efficiency IV" 3000r each - 12000r
    • 3 x "Unbreaking III + Fortune III + Efficiency IV" 8000r each - 24000r
    • 2 x "Efficiency IV + Silk Touch" 3000r each - 6000r
    A lot of the fortune and silk touch picks, the ones with a lot of value, aren't unbreaking (which makes them valuable). Personally if you do the math I put, and I believe I was more than generous with the prices on some, its 56700r.
    Honestly, I probably wont use them, just give them away. I really only need to replace my nearly worn out fortune 3 pick.
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  6. The silks are worth ATLEAST 7k each. Efficiency V picks go for around 1k. You need to update your list mister.
  7. I just base mine off what dubzy or leo has them for. Clearly I've got a fortune of silk touch picks lying around then.
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  8. Dubzy's are considerably more than you said though. For example, you said "4 x "Fortune III + Efficiency IV" 3000r each - 12000r" and, at Dubzy's, those are 5500 each which is 22000r, not 12000. And that's just those four.

    Leo's are cheaper, sure... except, it's all "out of stock"... so, you can't actually get 'em.
  9. Fair enough, but you're still reinforcing my original point. So with all that, you're at 66700r, and thats retail, I just want one of these picks not a bulk sale pricing.

    I apologize for putting all this in the auction, but there's no way i see this as 300k of picks.

    That being said, I'll bid 35k. If someone else wants them great, if not, I'm helping the auction along.
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  10. Is this a bid?
  11. Ah sorry; I wrote that just as you wrote a bid.

    So, ignoramoose is leading with a bid of 35k. Thanks.
  12. Yes, ignoramoose - I agree with you; I exaggerated when I said 300k. I hadn't done the math - I have now, and I agree; 56 or so is reasonable.

    Sorry I exaggerated; all I can say in my defence is... I was drunk at the time :p

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