[Auction] The Protector Kit!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Celori, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Well, I've decided to start to farm XP a lot to get up pretty high on the TEXP chart for a sense of achievment and didn't want to waste the levels so I have made a kit that may suite those warriors running around.
    Diamond helmet, Protection 2
    Diamond chestplate, Protection 3
    Diamond leggings, Protection 3
    Diamond boots, Projectile Protection 4
    Diamond sword, Smite 3, Looting
    I will add pictures in a second... I seem to be unable to upload a file...
  2. Ok, I guess I'll just post the Imgur URL I just made for them... can't seem to edit the thread either...
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  3. Crap... keep forgeting things...
    Minimum bid: 100
    Bidding ends 24 hours after last bid.
    Minimum increments: 100
  4. I swear, If this only goes to like 500r... lol
  5. Ok, so It didn't end up at 500r XD. BTW, pick-up is at 16799 on smp8. I knew I forgot sometihng XD
  6. 2k Shaboom!
  7. I would laugh if this got to like 7k...
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  8. Apricots! :mad:
  9. 7k!
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  10. Ok so it did get to 7k :)
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  11. Trololololololol
  12. I hope you realized that "Trololololololol" is not a numerical amount. XD
  13. Well, from what this is getting so far, I assume if I put my other kits up for auction I'll make a fortune :D
  14. If you have a diamond supporter wanting it than ya.
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