[Auction] The Miner's Pick (Fortune 3 Eff. IV Unbreaking 3)

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  1. Item: The Miner's Pick (fortune 3 eff. IV unbreaking 3)
    Starting Bid: 5000 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 500 increase
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after last bid.

    Disclamer: If you do not send money within 48 of winning I report to a mod. Mod's will give you a little bit longer then you can get banned from autions.

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  2. Pick up at smp3 do /v minemeetsroblox
  3. what is the repair cost for it?

    I'll buy it if it is reparable.
  4. Braxton you have to auction buy it
  5. i'll bid 5k if it is reparable, is it? if it takes over level 50 to repair then i'm not interested

    and it's been 3 days without a bid.
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  6. braxton it is a brand new pic. you cant just say i will bid if it is. you either bid or not. that post is invalid
  7. All tool repairs cost only 39 levels at a maximum in current 1.7.4 EMC.
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  8. Posts that are requesting information about the item are not invalid.

    Thank you neonkillah, I wasn't aware of that. The last time I played much you could improve yourself out of being able to repair your gear.

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  9. Bump So Far only a few hours sill falin gets it at 8.5k
  10. you have one. Pickup at /server smp3 /v minemeetsroblox
  11. pay me first 8.5k
  12. K last chance.! plz give me the money or i will tell a mod you have till tommorow.
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