[Auction] The Lightning Chest!

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  1. Auction Items - 54x Potion Of Swiftness 8:00min

    Starting Bid - 400r

    Auction End - After 12h when the last valid bid has been posted!

    Pickup - After Winning,Paying,And than getting ur items in Smp1 residence 1321!
  2. A little peak on ur items :)

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  3. 2:18 Mins left tilll end So bid ppl! ;)
  4. Auction Change - Tim Ends At 10am UTC+2
  5. Auction End - The Winner Is Anozles - Please Pay And The Chest Will Be Unlcoked
  6. So technically you can't change the time, also doing so can get you in some big trouble. If some serious problem has come up I suggest you send a member of the EMC staff a private message and explain the circumstances.
  7. Well... The Auction Wasnt Popular And All The Changes Are Posted And it has ended now soory for the troubles :)
  8. As gokart32010 mentioned, we don't allow the changing of ending times after the auction has commenced. In this case it didn't affect the end result , but please be mindful in the future. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.