(AUCTION) The Legit god sword

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  1. Hello men and chumps! Today, Legit.Co brings you another fabulous enchant, the Legit god sword!

    Item: The Legit godsword. Diamond sword with sharpness 4, knockback 2, and looting 3!

    Forged in the Legit Mountains, (Really just a small dirt hill I made) this sword is ready for all those who can handle its legitness. Are you ready to slash and dash and LOOT with this great sword!

    Starting price: 1000R

    Minimal bid increase: 75R.
  2. We got some intense bidding going on...
  3. Der is no Unbreaking III on it. Der is no Fire Aspect II on it.

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  4. Dis be a Legit god sword, not a normal one.
  5. culd still use unbreaking to be "god"
  6. Well if you haven't noticed, its to late for that.
  7. You have won for 2K, please pay and then pick it up at 7291, SMP3.
  8. Completely forgot about this, I'll pay and come in a minute. Can this be vaulted?
  9. Paid and am waiting whenever, just tell me so I can grab it.
  10. Its not named, so yes.
  11. Its on my lot now.
  12. well if you haven't noticed, my head isn't lying on a table.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.